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RV Shin Arahan

shin arahan cruise

The Ship Shin Arahan paddle steamer on the Irrawaddy in Burma (Myanmar)

Launching Year: 2014
Number of cabins: 20
Standard: 4 star
Port of call :Shwe Kyet Yet Jetty

With the Shin Arahan’s arrival on the Irrawaddy, we hit the spot - a grandiose ship cruising on a grandiose river.

 The Irawaddy has remained unchanged in decades. Riversides dotted with a myriad of white and golden pagodas along the meandering Irrawaddy. People and traditions remain defiantly unaltered by modernity. Relive the days of the old Burma – just like Kipling and Orwell embraced it – in our treasure-filled expedition through the Land of Gold.